This could be you!

You can win a Grand Prize of $25,000 Cash Plus a 7 Day/6 Night Trip for Two to Hawaii.

Congratulations to Ronald Malmoe...
our newest Grand Prize Winner in the 2009
Sportsman’s Guide $25,000 Cash
Plus a Trip for Two to Hawaii Sweepstakes

Congratulations to Ronald Malmoe of Spokane, Wash., our latest Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes winner! Soon, he’ll be boarding a plane bound for Hawaii, with a cool $25,000 cash to pad his seat on the flight to the sun-soaked island chain.

Ronald, 71, is a retired engineer, avid outdoorsman, and long-time Guide customer. Hunting, fishing, shooting…he does it all. In fact, Ronald and his family members have held various Washington state records for silver salmon, trout and just about anything else you can catch with a line and lure!

When asked about his plans for the trip, Ronald was noticeably excited. While he’s fished the Western seaboard from Alaska to Idaho, he’s never had the opportunity to drop a line in Hawaii…until now. And as for who he might be taking with him? “Well, being a widow at 71, there are a lot of options,” he explained with a laugh.

As for the $25,000, Ronald has a good idea of what he’s going to do. Though an active outdoorsman since age 10, Ronald’s been spending most of his days helping to care for his mother and brother, so he hasn’t spent as much time in the stand or on the water. Good news, though…the nice influx of cash should help him rediscover his love. “I’d like to get another boat, a camper and start shooting and fishing again,” he said. Sounds like a good plan.

So congratulations, Ronald…enjoy your trip! And to think, it only took a few clicks and a few moments of his time. Maybe next year it’ll be YOUR name next to the word “congratulations”!

Congratulations to our latest monthly Winners!
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Congratulations to Patricia Karnes...
our Grand Prize Winner in the
2008 Sportsman’s Guide $25,000 Cash
Plus a Trip for Two to Australia Sweepstakes!

Patricia Karnes is the winner of this year’s Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes! She’ll soon be making her way to beautiful Australia with a cool $25,000 cash. Patricia hails from Burtrum, MN, right here in The Sportsman’s Guide’s own backyard.

Patricia has been, for the last 8 years, a stay-at-home mom to her two grade school-age children. Recently she resumed her life’s work as a public servant in Red Wing, MN... 3 hours away. And you thought your commute was long.

Patricia and her family live on a lake, and enjoy hunting, fishing, and hiking. It’s only natural, then, that she was shopping on The Guide’s web site. She spotted the sweepstakes and was prompted by her mother, a lifelong traveller, to enter. The rest is history.

Unfortunately, Patricia’s mother passed recently after losing a 3-year battle with cancer. “Mom would’ve loved to accompany us,” she said. You see, in a bit of serendipitous fate, it turns out Patricia’s mother made it to a lot of exotic locales in her life, but never Australia. Patricia, however, has herself rarely been out of the Midwest. “I can count on one hand the number of vacations I’ve taken,” she related. This is the perfect chance not only to see the land down under for herself, but to carry on the travelling spirit of her mother. It’s a great story.

When asked about the $25,000, Patricia excitedly said her two children will be coming along, and that they will spend it there. “They will love to see Australia up-close and personal.” Sounds like they’re really going to make this the trip of a lifetime.

“I really want to thank The Sportsman’s Guide for such a wonderful prize,” Patricia told me. “I’ve had a blessed life, but I feel doubly blessed because of the special role my mother played in winning.” It really is special. All of us here at The Sportsman’s Guide wish her and her family a safe and happy trip. And who knows? Next year it could be you taking a nice, long vacation! Just click, and enter!

Congratulations to Kirk Cornett...
our Grand Prize Winner in the
Sportsman’s Guide $25,000 Cash
Plus a Trip for Two to Maui, Hawaii Sweepstakes!

Kirk Cornett of Golden, Colorado is our latest Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes winner! One quick entry in the 2007 Sweepstakes not only put $25,000 into his bank account, but will also put him on a plane to Maui, Hawaii!

Kirk is an avid outdoorsman, and a longtime aficionado of the Guide. In addition to hunting elk and coyote, he also enjoys fishing, trail-running, and hiking Colorado’s abundance of scenic terrain. In fact, he proudly lists several 14,000-foot mountain summits on his hiking resumé! 

When he’s not out enjoying Colorado’s natural beauty, Kirk works as an installer of custom cabinetry, beautifying family homes with handmade woodwork. He’s also a doting family man, who’s looking forward to welcoming his son Dustin home from an Army tour in Iraq next month, and helping his daughter Cayce celebrate her upcoming high school graduation.

When asked about his plans for the prize package, Kirk couldn’t have been more excited. He’s never been to Hawaii before, and he and his girlfriend are having a great time researching the islands, and planning a fun-filled trip of a lifetime. As for the cash? Kirk’s still deciding. He figures he’ll pay a few bills, and bank the rest for a rainy day.  

“I’m really just a simple country boy from West Virginia,” says Kirk. Now, thanks to one fast contest entry, this “simple country boy” won’t just be soaking up some Maui sun...he’ll be soaking up a cool $25,000 too!

So, a big congratulations to Kirk Cornett! If you’d like to see YOUR name next to the word “congratulations” in NEXT year’s contest, you know what to do! Just click, and enter! Who knows? You could be the NEXT big winner of the Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes!

Congratulations to Scott Paulino...
our Grand Prize Winner in the 2005-2006
Sportsman’s Guide $25,000 Cash
Plus a Trip for Two to Hawaii Sweepstakes!

Scott Paulino of Lumberton, Texas is $25,000 richer…and he’s on his way to Hawaii for the tropical vacation of a lifetime, all thanks to one quick entry in The Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes!

As a busy father of two and Silsbee School District employee, Scott often shops online to save time and avoid fighting crowds at the mall. He uses the time he saves to take his family hunting and fishing in the great outdoors.

The Sportsman’s Guide is one of Scott’s favorite online catalogs for his sporting gear and every-day needs. He’s even a Club member! One day while he was shopping, the Sweepstakes pop-up caught his eye. “I should have bought a lottery ticket the same day,” Scott said. He never thought he’d be lucky enough to win! In fact, Scott never thought he’d make it off the continent, so he’s quite excited for his trip to Hawaii. And as for that $25,000…Scott plans to pay off some school loans.

What would you do with an extra $25,000 and the trip of a lifetime? Enter The Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes today for your chance to find out!

Congratulations to Lynn Mills...
Grand Prize Winner in the 2004-2005
Sportsman's Guide $25,000 Cash Plus
a Two-Week Trip for Two to Alaska Sweepstakes!

Mr. Lynn Mills of Des Moines, Iowa is a BIG winner in The Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes! Now he’s knee-deep in cash...$25,000 to be, he’s on his way to Alaska for the trip of a lifetime!

Lynn was doing some online shopping for target shooting ammunition when he came across The Guide’s website and decided to enter the Sweepstakes. He entered just once...that’s all it he’s $25,000 richer and heading to Alaska for an unforgettable adventure.

Lynn was stunned when his wife called him at work to tell him of his good fortune, “I couldn’t believe it...I still can’t believe it!” he explained. Lynn is employed by a trucking company outside of Des Moines where he and his family reside. In his spare time he enjoys target shooting...a hobby that ended up netting him $25,000!

A Navy veteran, Lynn has traveled the North Sea and the Mediterranean...but he’s never been to Alaska. “I’m excited about the trip, no question.”

And to think...he only entered once. Who will be the next big winner? It could be YOU!

Congratulations to Carlos P. Bean...
our Grand Prize Winner in the 2003-2004
Sportsman’s Guide $25,000 Cash Plus
a Trip for Two to Australia Sweepstakes!

Say G’day to the 2003-2004 winner in The Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes, Mr. Carlos P. Bean of Vermont. Carlos is on his way to sunny Australia with a suitcase full of $25,000 cash!

Carlos has been a Guide customer for years and is a Buyer’s Club member. He learned about the Sweepstakes online and entered several times. “It was quick and so easy to enter…unlike many other online contests.” And Carlos should know…he enters sweepstakes as a hobby when he’s not mowing, planting or otherwise tending to his lawn and home. “It keeps me busy, and it’s fun to think that you might win.”

The dream of winning became a reality this summer when the retired air traffic controller returned home from a camping trip to find a Fed-Ex envelope in his mailbox. “I couldn’t believe it…I’d won!”

Carlos has never been to Australia and is excited about visiting the land down under. “It looks fascinating,” he explained. He and his wife Betty have no immediate plans for the $25,000, but are excited about the prospect of having a little extra “green.” “I enter a lot of sweeps, but I’ve never won anything more than about $100!” Until now, Carlos, until now. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Jessica Isham...
our Grand Prize Winner in the 2002-2003
Sportsman’s Guide $25,000 Cash Sweepstakes!

Jessica couldn’t believe she’d won...pretty much up until
she had the check for $25,000 cash in her hands.

Jessica Isham is the 2002-2003 Grand Prize Winner in The Sportsman’s Guide Sweepstakes. After entering, luck certainly proved to be on her side. Before winning the $25,000 Grand Prize, she won one of the monthly $25 Gift Certificates and used that to buy a blanket.

Not only that, she was on a 2-week vacation when she was picked as the winner. She came home with just 2 days left to claim her prize. She was supposed to stay longer, but for obvious reasons, is glad she came home early.

She was very happy, surprised and busy explaining to the skeptics who thought she was dreaming that yes, it’s real. “Nobody believes me, I swear. They think it’s a scam,” she explained.

Jessica is a medical appointment scheduler for a hospital in Connecticut. She plans to pay off her car, student loans and invest the rest of her prize money.

Don’t forget to enter our 27th Annual Sweepstakes going on now to win the Grand Prize of $25,000 PLUS a Two-Week Trip for Two to Alaska.

Congratulations to Judy Parrish,
our Grand Prize Winner in the
Sportsman’s Guide 2001 Jeep® Sweepstakes!

Judy Parrish, the Grand Prize Winner in the Sportsman’s Guide 2001 Jeep Sweepstakes, accepted her prize with open arms. She was out with friends when her husband received the call from us. Later he said, “Oh by the way?” She never expected to win, and describes winning the fire engine red Jeep® Wrangler as “an unreal experience.”

Judy has been a customer of The Guide for the past several years and said her experience has been nothing but a pleasure. “Everybody I’ve spoken with has been so nice and so helpful,” she said. Judy is a retired elementary school teacher from Florence, South Carolina. Her favorite hobby is fishing. “I love fishing, mostly lake and ocean,” she said. And now with her new Jeep®, she’ll have plenty of room for her fishing poles.

Congratulations to Dale Danell,
our Grand Prize Winner in the
Sportsman’s Guide 2000 Jeep® Sweepstakes!

Who’s this seated behind the wheel of his brand new 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport? It’s Dale Danell, the Grand Prize Winner in the Sportsman’s Guide 2000 Jeep Sweepstakes! Dale made the journey to our So. St. Paul, MN offices in January of 2001 to pick up his new wheels. He and his son, Brian, had a relaxing (albeit 26-hours long) train ride, and spent the day visiting with employees, getting the inside scoop on our operations and scoping out some deals at our on-site store.

Dale’s been a valued customer since 1992. He said he appreciates the, “variety, excellent prices and the very informative and accurate descriptions.” And the best part about our operation, according to Dale, is the sites. “I love getting The Sportsman’s Guide catalogs,” Dale said, “but I primarily buy from the internet. It’s fast. It’s a nice place to show up.”